Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beautifully inspirational song, gifted singer...

What seems like an eternity ago, but in actuality is only a little over 18 years, I heard a young woman playing guitar and singing on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) at our home in Houston. There was a lot going on at that time in our lives, and for one, life had become exceedingly real. The events that lead up to that are another story.

Any way, I liked the music, it was soft, melodic and relaxing, and at the same time inspirational. I only got her last name from the program, Henderson. I tried to locate her in the Christian music stores to no avail, and the internet not being available back then, no way to Google the music. (Can you imagine?)

Disappointed I gave up the search, never saw her on TV again, as we moved to a location in Kansas that did not have TBN in their line up. So that became a fleeting memory.

Well, the Lord really does work in mysterious ways, and picks peculiar times to bring things to remembrance or to move on your behalf. I was in Dallas in March of 2007 for a one week training seminar at a hotel near DFW International Airport. The weather that Monday evening was pleasant, and I had remembered seeing the TBN Studio on the way to the hotel. Having mentioned it to my sweet wife, she was in hopes that I would go and take pictures of the grounds. Having seen it on TV long ago, she had always wanted to visit there.

I decided to go. I walked around the grounds taking pictures and I was the only person on the site that I could see. So I took my time, and wandered over to the main building lobby that advertised a showing of the Omega Code. I had seen it before, but I thought it might as well spend my time there as at the Hotel. I walked in and a nice lady said it would be starting in a few minutes and I could go ahead to the theater. I went in, and I was the only person there. I had a private showing of the movie, which was relaxing and enjoyable. After the show, I walked through their recreation of the Via Della Rosa (the way of the cross, the path Jesus took to his crucifixion). All very nice, beautifully done.

Happy with the way I had spent my evening I headed back across the lobby and thanked the lady for allowing me to watch the movie. I signed a guest book, and then she said that she had a parting gift for me and handed me a plastic bag with the TBN logo on it. I thanked her and walked back across the beautiful grounds to the parking lot and my car. Once in the car, I decided to look in the bag to see what I had been blessed with. There was an Ink Pen, a few brochures, a white paper back book on the history of TBN, and what looked to be in the fading light a CD. I turned on the dome light and to my amazement it was a music CD. "All the way to Heaven" by......

you guessed it. Solveig Henderson. I was elated, shocked and thankful all at the same time. I unwrapped it, put it in the CD player in the dashboard, and the following song is the first one I heard. "Heaven". Nothing short of awesome.

I give God the glory, he saw fit to bless me for blessing my wife. You see I have learned when I go places my wife wants to go, I get blessed. She wanted to go to TBN but couldn't, so I went for her and took pictures. And I got blessed. (Next time I'm taking her with my, then think of the blessing!!)

Now, be blessed by listening to this truly beautiful song, by a truly inspired and gifted artist, Solveig Henderson.

Thank you God, Thank you Deanna, Thank you TBN, and Thank you Solveig!


"All the way to Heaven" - Solveig Henderson


  1. Artist,
    Glad that you were blessed by going there and receiving the music from TBN as their guest.

    I'd like to see this place in person.
    hope someday I can,